3D printer

So far the most advanced addition to my lab. Thanks to my wife who gave it to me for Christmas. She gave me a voucher so I could choose one that works best for me. After some sleepless nights surfing the internet trying to figure out which one to buy I finally decided on the Prusa i3 MK3 kit. I respect Prusa Research a lot because of their role in 3D printing innovation, they are one of the leading companies but yet keeping the industry open-source and affordable.

Anyway, YAY, I got my 3D printer. First step is assembly, it took some hours but well worth it.

Now, what will I print. Here´s some of my brain farts (I don´t think this list is very interesting for any of you):

  • Catfish Concept Car
  • Smokers Launch Chair model
  • Push Light
  • Probably it´s wise to print some spares for the printer itself
  • Parts for the 306090
  • WMWY ceiling lamp (Woodfill filament)
  • Architectural models
  • Vacuum forming molds
  • Lamp shades
  • Swivel joint for arm lamp
  • (Miniature) models of my design concepts
    • The Standby
    •  Hortum Tentorium
  • Toy series Paabow (PLA and a bit of wood)
    • Truck
    • F1 car
    • Airplane

Apart from the projects I want to run on the printer, I´m also planning to make a case for the printer. The Prusa i3 is one hell of a printer but aesthetically it´s a pain in the eye; it deserves a good house. Also it helps acomodating for any advanced ABS or HIPS printing.