Cat hammock

We have 2 cats. Adorable little fluffs, when they´re not up to no good. Anyway, since we live in an apartment with a small terrace there are no unlimited hunting fields for the cats to discover and play so we need to entertain them in another way. A cat tree.

It´s disappointing to see what´s on the market. No doubt that from a cat´s perspective they are all nice and fun but from a cat owner´s perspective they are all ugly with very little exception. For anyone who has the slightest eye for decoration but also likes cats, there´s remarkable little option.

Challange! We did have a cat tree next to the window in the living room. A total eye sore but being enjoyed to the max by our cats. So I decided to make a sort of plateau with cat hammock on the same spot where our cats can chill and look outside. A play center is still in the making.

The hammock is made of a ring of solid round steel upholstered with heavy duty fabric. The ring is fixed in a rabbit in a berch wall mounted table top. The brackets are collapsible so the entire thing can be folded flat against the wall.