Heated bending table

Designing with Plexiglas has always been part of my interests. It can give products a light glass-like edge, but its fabrication abilities stretch way beyond that of glass and even that of wood.

One of the most difficult one to reach is a clean bend, that´s why I build this table. It can heat a single straight line in the material, creating an axis in the material that´s bendable to the desired angle. The rest of the material is unaffected by this and thus does not deform.

Heating is achieved by running a high electrical current through a thin Nichrome resistance wire. The wire is mounted in an aluminium channel for heat isolation of the wood surroundings and heat focus towards the product.

The table is powered by my own-built LED power supply. Originally built for LED experiments in my lab, it has 12 v uncontrolled and block-controlled outputs. It has however enough amperage to power the heated table.

Results are very promising, I do notice that the heated area is too small for higher angle bends, the material will stretch too much leaving the outside radius deformed. However, it´s easy bypassed by moving the material during heating so a larger surface is heated. I applied bends in the Modell 1 and in my design kitchen.