The 30 60 90

From Modell 1 I started thinking; I like the materials a lot and the sandwich construction gives a high 3d contrast, bulky and heavy from the front, very light and slim from the side. Now let’s take this concept one step further and elevate it. Concept 30 60 90 was born. It’s basically the same sandwich construction, but this time emitting from the thin layer of Plexiglas in the bottom. Giving it presence from all angles but below, where it’s merely a stripe of light in the sky.

Now how cool would it be to make this stripe of light in the sky your guide, leading the way in hallways, office spaces, etc. So let’s make it modular, with bendy bits, crossings and straight bits, simply bolt them together to create your light route.

It features:

  • LED strip technology
  • Plexiglas lens
  • Triple aluminium profile core for strength
  • Cork finishing
  • Thin wires to hang it from the ceiling in vivid colors